The Tech Executive

Meet Andrew. Andrew is CTO for a rapidly growing e-commerce company.

Learn how Andrew used BlueSteps to plan his career management strategy as an executive working in the technology sector.

board director

Vice President of Technology

Andrew’s title when he joined BlueSteps.

board director

Seattle, Washington

Andrew’s location when he became a BlueSteps member.

board director

10+ Years

Andrew’s experience designing and managing an IT infrastructure to support an enterprise class application.

Andrew and his wife had a baby.

After spending 4+ years at an online music distribution company, Andrew was looking for a new opportunity on the US East Coast to be closer to his wife’s family.


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Andrew joined BlueSteps

CTO jobs

Andrew found recruiters in his industry.

Andrew accessed the BlueSteps International Search Firm Directory. When narrowing his search to the US Northeast region, Andrew refined his results to 114 executive recruiters. With guidelines from BlueSteps, Andrew contacted five recruiters in Boston, his target city.
CTO jobs

Andrew scanned new tech sector opportunities within BlueSteps.

Andrew monitored daily any new searches posted in BlueSteps that matched his career target. Andrew expressed his candidacy for one open search for a CTO, and while he was not ultimately chosen for the job, he did make a new contact at one of the premiere search firms specializing in the technology sector.
CTO jobs

Andrew connected with a BlueSteps advisor.

BlueSteps matched Andrew with an executive career coach who specializes in coaching Silicon Valley and other tech sector executives worldwide. Andrew gleaned some great tips during his consultation and decided to book an additional session to help refine his elevator pitch and interviewing skills.
CTO jobs

BlueSteps webinars provided Andrew with a wealth of new tactics.

Andrew accessed the archive of Executive Webinars, available exclusively to BlueSteps members. Andrew downloaded How to Get to the Top: Chief Technology Officer and Job Search Strategies for Executives where he gleaned insider tips from executive recruiters at leading search firms and best-in-class career coaches.
CTO jobs

Andrew mapped a plan that worked.

Andrew applied all of the new techniques and tools that came with his BlueSteps membership to network effectively with an executive recruiter at a boutique search firm specializing in the digital sector. Through that connection, he learned about an upcoming opportunity at an expanding e-commerce business in Boston. Andrew landed the job as the company’s new CTO.
CTO jobs

Andrew and his family are happy.

Although Andrew is no longer actively job searching, with his BlueSteps membership, he knows he has an expert service to turn to that truly gets executive career management. In today’s highly competitive job market, that’s essential.
CTO jobs

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