I was interviewed for a senior management position. The interviewer looked at me from head to toe and gave me an odd look. Later, near the end of the interview, he asked, "So, how many more years do you think you will be working?" I tried to stay calm even though I was quite appalled. My hair was gray before the interview, and after that question I think it turned completely white. Or perhaps that was only my face. I answered, "I really have not given that any thought because I love doing this type of work and can't imagine ever stopping. Also, being pragmatic, I have kids in high school (note: I had them late in life but that's none of their business) so given their expected future undergraduate and post graduate college education expenses I fully expect at least for their sake to be working for many years to come. But I have to tell you I am a bit surprised that you asked this question. Having had at least a decade in management roles (note: much more than that, though I didn't say it), I know I would never ask this type of question because it could be misconstrued by some candidates as potential age discrimination and this is not something that you or I would want to construe." That was the best I could do, and no, I was not offered the job.