In this audio recording Andrew Sobel, a leading authority on the skills and strategies required to build enduring client relationships, outlines actionable points to improve your client relations. The seminar was recorded exclusively for AESC member search consultants, to help maximize the number of searches gained during an economic downturn. Andrew Sobel’s sound advice spans across industries and functions as he highlights many key downfalls of professional services.

The extract above highlights that many people fail in negotiation by not correctly identifying the decision maker. Too often pitches are made to a company representative who they think is the ‘economic buyer’, but are in fact working under someone else. The pitch or proposal then will inevitable have to be delivered again. Or perhaps more negatively, the individual you spoke with will not relay the message correctly, or fail to convey the true value-add of your services.

Another area of client relations that is often bypassed is the securing of a clear ‘conceptual agreement’ between the two parties before work on a proposal begins. Spending time creating a comprehensive document for someone who is really just testing the water will take time away from developing relationships with stronger clients. To help increase the close time and rate, a proper follow-up strategy must be followed, including a confirmed meeting within a week from when the proposal was delivered. Listen to the extract of the audio to learn more.

Full Agenda of the Seminar

The seminar provides an in-depth outline of the key steps to build a 60-day client re-engagement plan, such as:

•    Refocusing on your most critical relationships, drawn not just from among prospective clients and current clients but also catalysts, collaborators, and colleagues;
•    Achieving more face time with your clients, using four main reasons to stay in touch even if there is no current business;
•    Identifying the most appropriate “traffic-building” activities for your particular practice and client base, in order to increase your lead stream;
•    Adding value in creative ways during an exceptional time for your clients, and leveraging your firm’s organization to enhance the client experience;
•    Using your non-client time to greatest effect.


Andrew Sobel is the author of the business best-sellers Clients for Life and Making Rain, and his new book, All for One: 10 Strategies for Building Trusted Client Partnerships, was published in April 2009. He has advised many of the world’s leading professional service firms and financial institutions on their client development strategies.

AESC Members

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