Peter Newfield, President of Career-Resumes.com, explains how to best present job change after a short tenure on your resume and during an interview.

Q. “ Having recently started in a COO position, the company experienced an internal restructure and I moved into a VP position instead. Due to the uncertain future of the company I will be moving on after only 1 year. How do you suggest I explain this within my resume / CV and then at interview stage?”

A. "My suggestion in this situation is as follows:

  • List the company name and "flush left," adding the dates of employment i.e. 2008 - Present
  • Now list your positions as "COO - VP", without the break out of executive position dates
  • Next get into the job description and hopefully your accomplishments

That should solve the resume question. Now, in the interview:

  • Explain there was an reorganization midway through the assignment, without bad mouthing the company
  • Then you can insert the dates of the positions to the hiring manager and hopefully, the hiring manager will accept the scenario at face value
  • Make sure you speak with great confidence when describing this scenario.


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