Being a member of a board of directors is a sought after position for many senior-level executives. Limited seats are available on boards, which means competition for membership is high, thus senior-level executives have to be well qualified in order to be shortlisted as a candidate.
Expert retained executive search professionals, who fill such positions on a regular basis, tend to advise potential candidates to follow five key strategies. For an insight into some of these, see the below points. View the full webinar for the full list and expanded commentary.
1. Make Yourself Known!
Frequently, one of the recommended strategies is to make yourself known, commonly through networking. It is well-known that board seats are often filled with persons who have connections to existing board members. It is paramount to make relationships with influential executives in the appropriate industry in order to create a gateway to a board position. Create new relationships by asking to be introduced to board members and make sure it is recognized that you are seeking a position on a board.
2. Know Your Skills & Strengths.
Be fully aware of your skills and how they will contribute to a board of directors. Knowing the right people is the first step, but if you cannot convince them that the board needs you, then you will not be awarded a seat. Where does your expertise lie? How can a particular board benefit from your skills?
To find out what other strategies are important to use in your search for a board seat, watch the recording of the BlueSteps seminar ‘Top Tactics for Gaining a Board Seat’.

On Thursday, June 20th, the AESC and BlueSteps held a webinar moderated by AESC President, Peter Felix, and hosted by an international panel of senior-level retained executive search professionals. Listen to executive search professionals, who specialize in placing candidates in board seats, discuss the board recruitment process and how you can successfully secure a seat on a board of directors.
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