Dear Jose,
Thank you for the tip. I liked the emphasis on the differentiation between a candidate and a job seeker (harsh but true) and helping the recruiters had not occurred to me. As a good number of energy/ oil and gas professionals, I became a job seeker last year after many years relishing the benefits of being a candidate and experienced the difference between the 2 categories. In order to keep things up after a solid career in companies like Petrobras, ABB, GE and Siemens I decided to start my own consulting business. It does not mean at all I gave up the corporate life, but consulting can keep me active and up to date, I think, until Energy/O&G (and Brazil's economy) recovers. My questions to you are: how would you see an offer of help through the consulting business and not by the individual? I.e. - would you remove a job seeker from your hot list on the assumption that this person's priority is no longer finding a job? Would you consider it mixed signals offering support/tips through the company and making it clear you are still looking for a good position? What do you recommend when submitting an offer support through the company?
Thanks and regards
Welter Benicio