With 20 million people unemployed globally in 2013 and joblessness expected to reach 215 million around the world by 2018, it may be time think outside the borders of your own country for your next executive job search. According to the International Labour Organization, 40 million new jobs will be created through 2018, yet 42.6 million workers are expected to enter the market during that same period. With competition for jobs rising, how do you maximize your career potential?
Global Executive Career TipThe short answer may be to globalize your resume and your career search. Consider 3 key trends impacting the global labor market in 2014:
1. Global Mobility: GlobalTrends.com predicts that “As skills shortages increase global mobility of talent and knowledge is critical to drive growth and innovation.” More workers are moving their careers to different parts of the world than ever before and companies are increasingly recognizing the inherent benefits in hiring executives with different backgrounds than the rest of their workforce.
2. Cross-Cultural Communications: Our global labor market demands different communications skills and capabilities than those of border-bound societies. “Cross-cultural understanding and communications will play critical roles in successfully carrying out business in a globalized world,” says GlobalTrends.com.
3. Talent Deficit: Despite the ongoing reality of global unemployment, many developed nations will face a talent deficit by 2021. The gap between the skills available in the labor market and those needed inside corporations will likely drive many employers to search for candidates from other countries with different educational preparation standards. Whether you’re choosing to pursue a global career or trying to recession-proof your paycheck, it makes sense to recast your resume or CV in global terms.

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