Executive Networking Online & In Person

As an executive, you use every available tool to ensure success for the companies and teams you lead and direct. Certainly your own career advancement should embrace every possible resource and strategy to guarantee an efficient and effective executive job search campaign.
Here are five “Must-Have” documents for your career development arsenal:
1. Executive Resume. No surprise here, but beware! Resumes have changed radically in the past few years. Make sure your resume meets today’s modern standards.

BlueSteps recently hosted the #ExecCareer How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile TweetChat, featuring Jane Anderson, International BlueSteps Executive Career Coach.
Some of the questions asked included:

Executives, no matter what phase of your executive job search you are in, there will come a time when you will cross paths with an executive recruiter. They are major players in the executive search industry; and many service large companies as clients. Recruiters are an integral part of the hiring process.
Executive Recruiters Connect With Executives

Networking is the oxygen of the connected economy. It is the currency of consumer collaboration. Unless you are a monk, getting through life in the 21st century is a challenge at best if you have no network. Virtually every job today is gained through the network. Whether you are selling storage, soup, semiconductors, software, soap or yourself it requires relationships and relationship building skills. Blogs are created just to highlight its importance. Books are written to amplify its necessity. Porter Gale’s nearly five star tome “Your Network is Your Net Worth” is one such example.

Career professionals agree that the key to identifying new job possibilities is through networking. This is especially true for senior and C-level executives in the global market. The hidden market is vast – with companies preferring to develop their own talent and promote from within – and unless you are privy to internal affairs you could be missing out on any number of opportunities when conducting your executive job search.