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Is Twitter An Executive Pursuit? 4 Good Reasons Why!

Recently we published an article entitled 'Leveraging Twitter for Executive Career Management' and the following piece by Patti Wilson provides an excellent addition.

Twitter’s early publicity has left the impression of it being a trivialized, narcissistic pursuit by techno-glitterati and cultural creatives. Unfortunately, like any new Internet technology, the early adopters tend not to be mainstream business professionals.

Is Twitter Really Useful for Executives?

In 2008 social networks really took off. It was the year that Facebook exploded, reaching over 200 million unique visitors. Fast forward to 2010, and it is clear that although Facebook continues to grow, Twitter has stolen the limelight. In 2009 Twitter grew to a network of over 20 million users, and contrary to popular belief, the majority were in fact not teenagers.

At Chirp, the official Twitter developer conference in May 2010, Twitter shared some
Social Networking Set to Dominate 2010 Business to Consumer Marketing - What about Business to Business?

Recently Margolis & Company and YPO released a Senior Executive Social Networking Survey. They interviewed 100 CEOs and senior executives in an important demographic and the results were validated by TNS Gallup.

Social Networking for Senior Executives

Have you joined several social networks and wondered what to do next? Maybe you have been nudged or even coerced into joining Linkedin.com, then joined Facebook to view family photos and finally Twitter for no good reason. You filled out your Linkedin profile, creating a reasonably respectable historical career document, and may have even done a passable job at positioning and branding as well. Eventually, several business colleagues have had you recommend them, or have recommended you on Linkedin.
Large industry events provide an excellent opportunity to make connections that could help further your career, either now or in the future. But do you know how to make the most out of those all important conversations? There is a fine line between having a conversation and having a conversation that makes a meaningful impression and establishes a solid business and personal relationship.

senior executives business networking

Here are three networking techniques which can be used to ensure that connections lead to real business opportunities.
LinkedIn: Putting Your Executive Foot Forward

Senior Executive using Social Networks to Manage his Career

As a follow-up from our last LinkedIn article, we want to focus on your LinkedIn Profile. Here are five tips to have a stronger Profile:

Social and Business Networking

As we gaze at the bleak yet hopeful employment landscape, there is a temptation to withdraw from the executive job market. Surely no one is hiring yet. Why spend the time, money, and emotional expense of looking for a new executive position when headhunters are handling less assignments and employers are not filling openings?