More Companies Offering Work-Life Balance Programs - Executives Beginning To Reap The Benefits In 2008.
40% Of Executives Surveyed Report Work-Life Balance Has Improved, Up 5% From 2006

A survey of 1,134 senior executive BlueSteps Members in 2008 revealed a significant increase in the number of employers offering work-life balance programs – from 8% in 2006 to 25% in 2008. Perhaps as a result, the number of senior executives who feel their work-life balance has improved in the last five years has also risen – from 35% of respondents in 2006 to 40% today.

87% of executives feel that work-life balance considerations are critical in their career decision making process

Nearly Half of Executives Surveyed Reported Work-Life Balance has Worsened in the Last Five Years,
Reflecting a Widening Value Gap Between Employers and Employees.

A survey of 1,311 senior executive BlueSteps Members in 2006 revealed that 87% felt that work-life balance considerations were critical in their decision whether to join, or remain with, an employer.