I recently came across a great interview by Computer Weekly with Cathy Holley, a partner at AESC member retained executive search firm, Boyden. In this video interview, Holley outlines what clients are looking for when recruiting top senior executives for CIO positions.

In the last 30 years, developments in technology have progressed at an astonishing rate. This phenomenon can be explained in relation to Moore’s Law, where technological developments double in very short lifecycles (originally applied to computer chips). As Dan Schulman, President of Pre-Paid Group, Sprint, recently discussed at the Association of Executive Search Consultant’s 2010 Annual Conference, the increased speed of technological advancement is the most important business factor to consider when staying ahead of competition in the marketplace. So how will this affect C-Suite positions in future?

Finance Salaries Soar Once Again

In a recent article by the Financial Times entitled ”Western Bank Rivals Chase Asia Talent”, the authors provide yet another indication that the talent war within the financial service industry continues to rage, and this time Asia Pacific is the main battle ground:

“US and European banks are offering huge pay packages to hire top bankers in the Asia-Pacific region, in a sign that the compensation curbs pledged by financial groups after the crisis are already being eroded.”

In a recent survey of senior executives, we sought to find out what experience is best for the CEO position, a CFO or a COO? Read the following 6 key elements a CEO must possess:

1. A Sales and Marketing background is essential for a CEO.

Harold Torninger, CEO at Sight Executive Group, stated, “In my experience the CEO position is best prepared from individuals who have a Product Marketing and Sales and Marketing track record. They have demonstrated a strong Customer focus and also an ability to handle the whole Supplychain.”