The CFO role requires a strong candidate able to lead the charge. But, the qualifications needed and the route to get there is ever-changing. BlueSteps sat down with Debbie Ellis, one of our BlueSteps Executive Career Services Advisors, to learn more the status of the position and the attributes needed to obtain a CFO position.

Are you ready to transition to the C-suite? Progressing to a C-level position can be a challenging task and one that requires a careful strategic plan. If you are considering a transition to the C-suite, BlueSteps is hosting an exclusive webinar aimed at providing practical advice and insights to help you take your next executive career step.  

As an executive recruiter in Silicon Valley, I keep an eye on technology trends and the implications for executive talent. Read about the latest technology trends:


  • Connected economy
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data science, data analytics and machine learning
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
  • Customer Success
  • Healthcare IT
  • Diversity


BlueSteps recently hosted a follow up #ExecCareer Chat on the topic of making the leap to CEO, featuring Cathy Logue, from Stanton Chase, and Jose Ruiz, from Alder Koten. To read part one, click here.

Some of the questions asked included:

BlueSteps recently hosted an #ExecCareer Chat on the topic of Executive Search and Your CFO Position, featuring Catherine Bell, from BluEra, and Rick Cannellos, from Epsen Fuller Group.

Some of the questions asked included:

In this topical article, financial services executives can find an overview of what omni-channel banking is, why it’s important and how to update their technology systems.

Omni-Channel Banking Defined

An omni-banking experience represents the leveraging of customer behaviors across all relevant banking channels, which provides the basis for a consistent, personalized banking transaction. Wherever there is a multi-step banking experience that is completed over time, each relevant channel needs to recognize what step the customer is in related to the transaction fulfillment process, and be able progress the multi-step process in a transparent fashion to the customer.

The Rational That Is Driving Customer Demand

There is no better time to be a CIO than now. If there is one role in the executive suite that will have impact in the next five years it is that of the IT leader.

PWC put out a study which said that the top five concerns of CEO are: Security, Analytics, Mobility, Cloud and IoT (Internet of Things). They are ALL technology related. If this isn’t a huge opportunity for the CIO, then I don’t know what is! 

CIOs have the ability to drive both the top and bottom lines of an organization – we just have to take the opportunity that currently presents itself, get our ideas out, and be effective players in the leadership team. It’s all about adding value and the art of the possible.

This article addresses what CIOs can do about the top line.

BlueSteps recently hosted an #ExecCareer Chat on the topic of Executive Search and Your Chief Operations Officer (COO) Career, featuring Cathy Logue, from Stanton Chase, and John Ryan, from TRANSEARCH USA.

Some of the questions asked included:

BlueSteps chats with Paul Chau, Senior Client Partner, Global Technology Market at Korn Ferry, about the latest trends for technology executives in the CIO, CTO and CISO roles. Download the full white paper, Executive Search & Career Forecast: Evolving Technology and Security Roles.

How would you describe the outlook for technology executives in Hong Kong and the greater China region?

BlueSteps recently hosted an #ExecCareer Chat on the topic of Executive Search and the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry, featuring John McLean, Managing Partner, Global Life Sciences Practice, at Witt/Kieffer.
Some of the questions asked included: