BlueSteps recently talked to Alfredo José Assumpção, CEO of Brazilian Executive Search Firm, FESA, about the executive recruitment market, leadership and how best to become visible in today's market. FESA is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) and has access to BlueSteps to source senior executive talent in Brazil and worldwide.

1. Which sectors in the Brazilian economy should executives really be paying attention to?
More and more executive mobility is going beyond borders, especially outside the United States, with individuals seeking a fast-track having a willingness to go where the action is in the market for top talent. This movement of course, is predicated on the industry sector or market vertical for any executive, but the globalization of the workplace provides worldwide opportunities in any sector or vertical.

Executive search consultants, often referred to as “recruiters” or “headhunters”, can play an important role in your career management and advancement. Developing and nurturing a relationship with these professionals is an important part of your career management strategy.

Appearance at the largest HR conference in Latin America

Peter Felix, president of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), recently delivered an important speech at Conarh, the largest HR conference in Latin America (and the 3rd largest in the world). Conarh (Congresso Nacional sobre Gestão de Pessoas / National Congress on the Management of People), brings together keynote speakers, an audience of 2,400 professionals and a large exposition area featuring many leading organizations in the HR space.

What is executive search? Why do employers work with executive recruiters? How do executive recruiters and search firms locate candidates? Read on as BlueSteps offers an overview of the retained search process.

As senior executives progress in their careers, most will encounter a retained executive search firm. Understanding what executive search firms do and how they do it is essential to your own executive job search and career development.


Quarter one Data Reveals Widespread Growth across Industries

The first quarter of this year showed further positive signs of recovery for the senior executive search industry around the world with annual growth of 30.2 per cent in new executive search mandates and a 22 per cent rise in revenues – revealed new data from the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

AESC President Peter Felix responds to a LinkedIn discussion to comment on the question “Can head hunters regain the credibility many suggest they destroyed during the Noughties?”

“I have followed this debate with interest and suspect that it still has a way to run. As they should, everyone has a viewpoint about executive search because it is a professional service that touches so many.

The United States has an explicit culture, where being modest or not “putting yourself out there” won’t bring you the success you’re looking for. This means that, unlike China, France and Japan, where implicit communications are the norm, in the US you need to not only be able to speak up and talk about your strengths, but show them as well. Only those who stand out from the crowd, have clear, known strengths, will succeed.