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Nokia's employment of ex-Microsoft Stephen Elop provides a great example of strategic hiring, demonstrating that there is often more to executive recruitment that experience or skills. Executives must be ready to offer expansive business networks, specific product knowledge and inside connections that will help drive business partnerships and generate new clients. There is no better example of fulfilling these additional requirements than Stephen Elop.

Industrial, Energy/Natural Resources and Financial Services Sectors Expected to See the Most Growth in Executive Hiring in 2011.

Optimism in the senior recruitment market continues with executive search consultants 68% positive and 30% neutral for the year ahead. The 2011 Outlook, released today by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), showed a peak in industry confidence since its low point at the end of 2008.

Executive search industry outlook for year ahead (or 6 months ahead at mid-year point)

To say that Brazil is a member of BRIC and is in a big ascension would be repeating what every newspaper or magazine in the last few months and even years. There is no controversy: the eyes of the world are directed to Brazil!

With all this development and worldwide attention, our country has been attracting many new investors and projects, resulting in all kinds of projections. The growth experienced by USA and Europe has now turned to the emerging markets.

Louise Kursmark, a highly experienced resume writer and career coach, recently asked a number of senior executive recruiters in the AESC / BlueSteps Executive Search Network on Linkedin, ‘What are your biggest candidate turn-offs?’ Following a number of responses, read on to discover the DO’s and DON'Ts when contacting executive recruiters or headhunters, then make sure you join the conversation:

1. Do not mass email

Peter Felix, AESC president, says the high salaries paid in Brazil currently attract foreign executives.

A ranking of wages conducted with senior executives in Sao Paulo, New York, London, Singapore and Hong Kong had a surprising result: Brazilians are the best paid. The survey only covers base salary and therefore does not include bonuses, stocks or the thirteenth salary in Brazil (each year every employee is awarded a thirteenth payment of the monthly salary). Still, the paychecks of a CEO of the industrial sector in Sao Paulo comes at an average of U.S. $ 620,000 a year and a director U.S. $ 243 000 - in New York they receive, respectively, U.S. $ 574,000 and $ 213,000.
Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne’s famous odyssey was a predecessor of today’s road warrior. Having just completed a ‘round the worlder’ I could have wished for the lack of jet lag that Fogg must have enjoyed, but maybe the rigours of modern airports are nevertheless less demanding than the Indian jungles, snakes, hot air balloons and other obstacles with which he had to grapple – or not.

BlueSteps recently talked to Alfredo José Assumpção, CEO of Brazilian Executive Search Firm, FESA, about the executive recruitment market, leadership and how best to become visible in today's market. FESA is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) and has access to BlueSteps to source senior executive talent in Brazil and worldwide.

1. Which sectors in the Brazilian economy should executives really be paying attention to?
More and more executive mobility is going beyond borders, especially outside the United States, with individuals seeking a fast-track having a willingness to go where the action is in the market for top talent. This movement of course, is predicated on the industry sector or market vertical for any executive, but the globalization of the workplace provides worldwide opportunities in any sector or vertical.

Executive search consultants, often referred to as “recruiters” or “headhunters”, can play an important role in your career management and advancement. Developing and nurturing a relationship with these professionals is an important part of your career management strategy.

Appearance at the largest HR conference in Latin America

Peter Felix, president of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), recently delivered an important speech at Conarh, the largest HR conference in Latin America (and the 3rd largest in the world). Conarh (Congresso Nacional sobre Gestão de Pessoas / National Congress on the Management of People), brings together keynote speakers, an audience of 2,400 professionals and a large exposition area featuring many leading organizations in the HR space.