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The international conference of the Association of Executive Search Consultants – The Global Association for Retained Executive Search and Leadership Consulting Firms (AESC), happens annually in March. Dasein Executive Search, an AESC member search firm, is the only search firm headquartered in Minas Gerais, Brazil to be part of this important global institution present in more than 75 countries. The central theme of the Conference this year was “AESC 2012 Americas Conference – Navigating through Uncertainty: The Changing World of Executive Search.”
AESC Americas Conference 2012
"It’s all about energy, outlook, desire and capability..."

Located in Scarsdale, New York, MJS Executive Search is a boutique executive search firm specializing in industries such as consumer goods and services, Internet and e-commerce, entertainment, media and sports, marketing and PR and professional services. Clients have included Pepsico, American Express, Applebee’s, Timex and Fila.

As the customer service representative at BlueSteps, two of the most common questions I am asked is "What is BlueSteps?" and "What can BlueSteps do for me?" This blog article will provide a description of how BlueSteps functions as a service, what we aim to achieve on your behalf and how BlueSteps can fit into your career.
Career planning, like everything in life, takes a little effort. To maximize the return of your investment in your BlueSteps lifetime membership, follow these ten quick steps. Remember, the more proactive you are in searching for your perfect position and working towards obtaining it, the much higher your chances of success will be.
At their annual Americas Conference on March 7th in New York City, the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) presented three important awards to executive search professionals who have made significant contributions to the industry. The Gardner W. Heidrick Award was presented to William B. Clemens, Jr., recently retired Partner at Spencer Stuart, the Eleanor H. Raynolds Award was presented to Alfredo Assumpção, CEO & Partner, Fesa, and the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the AESC was presented to W. Carl Lovas, Managing Partner, Odgers Berndtson.

Back in the day, leaders built their company’s with vision, expertise and sheer will, shaping the business world around them.  Today, the business world shapes leaders, pushing them to adapt and change in the face of social technology’s revolutionizing impact.  Technology has connected, networked, and empowered employees, customers, partners and investors.  In many cases, the size of a company’s network is now larger than the enterprise itself. Even if the actual number of customer’s may not have changed, the fact that they are connected, speak to each other, and speak out into the world has completely overturned the paradigm.  A million single, unconnected customers are very different from a million linked customers who can rally behind a single voice, opinion, or purchasing behavior.
Membership to BlueSteps provides an excellent way to become visible to top-level executive search firms and consultants and is an extremely valuable tool for anyone seeking a senior executive-level role. BlueSteps is the executive career management service of the global Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC). Over 8,000 executive search professionals belong to the AESC from around 300 retained executive search firms in 74 different countries. All AESC affiliated search consultants have free and exclusive access to the BlueSteps database which they use to source suitable candidates when hired by a client firm to fill a vacant executive position.

If executives want to stay on the radar screens of executive recruiters, they'll need to first and foremost, network! They'll also want to have a presence on the top online sources for visibility, of course: a BlueSteps membership and a polished LinkedIn profile. A well-branded personal website is also a great idea.

[This article was originally published in Valor magazine, São Paulo (October 26th, 2011). Translated into English from Portuguese.]

According to Brian Glade, from the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), companies that address executive selection as a simple commercial transaction must be fought.

A group formed by some of the most important and traditional high-profile-executive search companies working in the country has decided to combine efforts. The goal is to disseminate their work, thus protecting themselves against the competition of new recruiting companies specialized in middle management that are becoming more visible here.

In our era of email, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Skype, the face-to-face meeting is an opportunity not to squander. Amazing things happen from meeting face-to-face—no matter how digitally connected we are these days, in-person meetings are still the backbone of diplomacy and relationship building. Even though more organizations are using technology-enabled meetings such as video conferencing, certainly a must for the global or even cross-country office, most executives still prefer to meet face-to-face.