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Conference to Feature Keynote Speaker, Lee Ellis, of Leadership Freedom, Andrew Sobel, Michael Casey of Dow Jones, Henry Wang of Center for China and Globalization, and many more.
2013 AESC Global Conference on Executive Search
Scenario: you are thrilled that you have a job offer and are excited to start your new position. What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing really, except that sometimes executives are so ready to jump into their new job, they may ignore the red flags that exist. Of course no company is perfect, but before you accept that job offer, look at these issues that could spell disaster.
The first BlueSteps seminar of the year was a great success. With a panel of senior-level executive recruiters, career coaches and expert LinkedIn users, the seminar helped attendees thoroughly understand the importance of LinkedIn, the benefits of keeping it up-to-date and exactly what executive recruiters look for and expect on a candidate’s profile. Cheryl Simpson (LinkedIn Job Search Strategist and Executive Career Coach) began the seminar with an overview of one’s personal brand on their profile, online privacy and profile extras. It was emphasized in the following discussion, by every panelist, how imperative it is to keep your profile up-to-date.
AESCThe Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) is pleased to announce the acceptance of six high-caliber retained executive search firms into membership. Their approval follows extensive reference checks, site visits, and votes by the AESC regional councils.
The AESC welcomes:
  • Genesis Executive, Calgary
  • PwC Executive Search, Dublin  
Download this complimentary podcast to hear a panel of distinguished executive search consultants as they provide crucial insight into the executive job market, including which industries and regions are growing and how candidates can get on the radar screen of retained executive search consultants.
Panelists include:
George Madden, Partner – Pinton Forrest & Madden
The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) is excited to announce that the Annual Researchers and Associates Summit will take place in Houston, Texas, on October 19. The summit will be held at the beautiful Hotel Icon in downtown Houston.

The financial services industry is currently undergoing tremendous change. Based on AESC statistics, the financial services sector, which used to be ranked as the number one industry for executive search, is now the third largest industry, occupying 17% of the search market, behind the industrial and consumer products sectors.

With the challenges faced by financial services, what opportunities are there for search consultants and senior executives?

Oxana BrookesWe recently spoke to one of our AESC member executive Search Professionals, Oxana Brookes, who specializes in cross-border executive searches for London-based CTPartners, about how she uses BlueSteps.

What databases and resources do you use to find candidates for the searches you are working on?

Oxana Brookes: I rely on Encore, our in-house database, BlueSteps, Linked In and other similar sites.
In their mid-year business forecast for the remainder of 2012, members of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) - the worldwide professional association for retained executive search consultants - confirmed the uncertainty which prevails in most areas of the world economy with 51% of respondents casting a neutral vote, 31% positive and 18% negative. This compares with an overwhelmingly favourable forecast 12 months ago when 66% held a positive outlook and 27% were neutral.

We recently asked three search consultants and researchers who work for the firm 3P Consultants in India to tell us a little about how they use BlueSteps when seeking great candidates both in India and internationally.

What makes BlueSteps a great resource for you and your colleagues?

Anshika: BlueSteps is an excellent resource to advertise for leadership opportunities, as well as search for qualified executives on a global platform. The search process is user friendly and provides accurate results.