An article published yesterday in Bloomberg Businessweek about the growth of in-house recruiting and its impact on the executive search profession, as with a similar article published on October 9, 2012 in the Wall Street Journal, fails to put the situation in complete perspective and is highly selective in its use of statistics published by our association, the AESC.
The 2013 Executive Search Industry Global Outlook Report just released by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) shows that half of global executive search consultants hold a neutral outlook for the executive search busi­ness in 2013 - an ongoing trend since the end of 2011. The remaining 29% of search consultants feel optimistic, sharing a positive outlook, while the minority (22%), harbor a negative view for 2013.

Q3 2012 Executive Search Industry Stats & 2013 BlueSteps Executive Outlook
Demonstrate Strength in Latin America Compared to Most Regions

LISBON, December 27, 2012 – Boyden, a global leader in executive search, today released its latest issue of the Boyden Leadership Series featuring an in-depth interview with António Mexia, CEO of EDP- Energias de Portugal, SA. EDP is one of the largest energy operators of the Iberian Peninsula, the largest Portuguese industrial group, and the third largest global producer of wind energy.

Mr Mexia discusses energy demand and opportunities in developing markets, partnerships in China and Brazil, lower cost of renewables, energising teams and why great talent overrides a bad crisis.

A research of Fesa, retained executive search consultant company, mapped the profile of the CEOs recently placed in pharmaceutical companies.
A recent survey made by Fesa, a retained executive search firm, mapped the profile of recently placed CEOs in the pharmaceutical industry. Approximately 22% of these executives have bachelors degrees in Pharmacy, coming in shortly after those with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (25%). Combining the executives with Pharmacy, Medicine and Biomedicine, bachelor’s degrees that number reaches 50% of CEOs positioned by consulting.
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Panelists include:
George Madden, Partner – Pinton Forrest & Madden
Russia is poised for an economic renaissance that will reshape its role in global commerce. This report explores how this will come about through the growing capabilities and influence of Russia’s executive population.

Our understanding of Russia is too often flawed by the corporate scandals and failures of the past, reinforced by a Russian tendency to churn over negative experiences. Strident media headlines have obscured the reality of a country that has changed enormously over the last few years.

What brought this about?

Global Executive Search Begins to See Improvement
Latest AESC figures show an end to the decline of the past three quarters
"The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would steal them away." Ronald Reagan
The AESC conducted a mid-year Outlook Report which conveyed the results that executives in India were optimistic as a whole about the Search Industry. However, Search Professionals in India have suggested that whilst the situation in India currently looks bleak, the difficulty for the Search profession may not improve unless the Indian Government implements drastic changes, and implements these changes quickly.