HR executive searches have been in high demand by organizations worldwide. Boyden’s Leadership Series recently interviewed Catherine Gray, Principal of Boyden Chicago, to discuss the current hiring trends for Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and what qualities are most sought after by top executive search firms hiring CHROs. The full interview, and a feature on Dean Carter, Chief Human Resources Officer of Sears Holdings, is available at www.boyden.com.

At one time, capable executives could reasonably expect to build and maintain a healthy career without having particularly strong expertise in technology. (Unless, of course, they wanted to be successful CTOs or CIOs!) Not anymore. The advent and explosive growth of the digital age has transformed the game, probably forever.
I was going to use the decline of the buggy whip industry as an illustration here, but online research showed me that this analogy is a bit off base. For example, one article indicated that companies that survived the emergence of the automotive industry most successfully were those able to adapt their technology for use with automobiles. Presumably, their executives saw a path that would position their companies for survival—and took it.

Transcribed from a Skype conversation with Robert Wong and Managing Director, Global Strategy and the Americas, Brian J. Glade, May 2013.

 Clarke Murphy, Chief of Executive Officer of Russell Reynolds Associates
Thank you for taking the time to speak with us at the Association of Executive Search Consultants and BlueSteps about executive search in Brazil. Could you tell us about the executive search firm that you come from and what you do there?

AESC: Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions about the United Arab Emirates search market. I’m interested to know what your outlook for the region and especially the United Arab Emirates now we’ve finished the first quarter of the New Year. But, first of all, can you share with us a bit about Vision Executive Search and the work you will do there in your new role?

The AESC and BlueSteps recently had the opportunity to speak with Clarke Murphy, CEO at AESC member, global executive search and assessment firm Russell Reynolds Associates.
Clarke Murphy, Russell Reynolds Associates

The AESC and BlueSteps recently conducted interviews with leading executive search firms in the Asia Pacific region for their insights into the executive job market in South Korea. The following interview is with McKinney Consulting.
The AESC and BlueSteps recently completed a Q&A with Search Firms in the Chinese market to find their outlook for 2013. First in line we interviewed UHunt, a locally established firm, which was established in early 2008.

AESC: Now that we have begun 2013, how would you describe your outlook for China for the rest of the year?
The AESC and BlueSteps recently released a whitepaper on the 2013 Healthcare sector in the United States amid new reforms and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The paper presents one-on-one interviews and commentary from leading AESC retained executive search consultants who specialize in placing executives in the Healthcare sector in the United States.

Below you will find an interview excerpt and a link to download the complete whitepaper.
A study of industry trends, companies and candidates behavior during 2012 for the Executive Search profession by the SommerGroup.

Looking at local Executive Searches, there is a trend of border movement amongst executives when carrying out position search for Peru, as well as hiring foreign candidates for positions in Chile. We also observe high availability of Argentinean and Spanish candidates interested in working in our country. This matches the demands of our multinational or national customers that have recently been into a strong internationalization process and request positions knowing about expatriate matters in order to address the mobility of executives to and from Chile.