Cybercrime has become a major issue for many consumer products and services organizations around the world. In the United States, security breaches are now a common occurrence for several top retailers, including Target, Home Depot, American Eagle Outfitters, Gap, Nike, Walgreens and others. How these organizations will successfully navigate these issues is yet to be seen, but one solution has been to hire new executive talent to lead their cybersecurity and press strategies.

While Spain has grabbed headlines for economic troubles and high unemployment rates, there are signs that there is now greater possibility for executive talent

Back in 2008 and 2009, Spain was hit particularly hard by the Global Financial Crisis. It had invested significant amounts in property redevelopment, and when the recession hit the consequences were great. The country, along with many other Southern European countries, struggled with high unemployment rates and public unrest, before being caught up in the Eurozone Crisis.

BlueSteps recently hosted an #ExecCareer Chat on the topic of Executive Search and the CMO Position, featuring Tom Fuller, Managing Partner, Epsen Fuller Group.
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Sector trends highlighted particular growth in the number of new searches started within the Industrial sector, up 15% between quarter one and quarter two, and 6% year-on-year. Industrial is currently the largest sector for retained search activity, commanding 26% of the global industry.

Kevin Logterman, Executive Vice President, Slayton Search Partners, says:
The Industrial sector has experienced a resurgence in the past few years, we believe due to increased financial performance coupled with pent-up demand for executive talent.  The increased demand for talent is particularly evident in two main functional areas: commercial (sales/marketing) and finance.

Social media is moving like a train with no brakes, providing a real time feedback mechanism for a multitude of companies. Consumers, both individual and corporate, now have multiple feedback forums. These forums can be used to tell others that, in an attempt to get to a live customer service representative, it takes seven automated screening prompts. After these prompts, you reach a live person who is likely from a developing country and is taught to respond to customer issues with only pre-prepared scripts.

The Legacy of Combined CIO/COO Roles

BlueSteps recently hosted the #ExecCareer Chat: Executive Search and the CFO Position, featuring Stephen P. Konstans, Vice President, Pearson Partners International, Rick Cannellos, Senior Client Partner, Epsen Fuller Group, and Catherine Bell, BluEra Founder.
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BlueSteps recently hosted the #ExecCareer Chat: Executive Careers: Business Development and Sales, featuring Susan Goldberg, Founder and Partner of Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting, SGES.
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BlueSteps recently hosted the #ExecCareer Chat: Executive Search in the Technology Sector, featuring Thomas Fuller, Epsen Fuller Group.
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BlueSteps recently hosted the #ExecCareer Chat: Executive Search in the Energy Sector, featuring Frank Therber, Daubenspeck & Associates, and Chris Reinsvold, Pearson Partners International.
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The AESC’s BlueSteps career survey of 160 Chief Executive Officers worldwide finds most CEOs focused on continued career growth through career transition.