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Executive Job Outlook

72% Hold Neutral to Positive Outlook for Job Market During Next Six Months

New York, August 13, 2009 – Results from a recent poll of global senior executive members of BlueSteps.com, conducted from 1 July – 12 August 2009, revealed that 48% expect the economy to rebound in the first half of 2010. Only 25% of those surveyed believe a recovery will occur in the second half of 2009, with 27% not expecting a recovery until the second half of 2010 or later.

Suddenly the world outlook looks a little more promising.

Have we reached the proverbial tipping point? Malcolm Gladwell did us all a favour by coining that phrase.  Warren Buffet said only yesterday that the unprecedented fear and withdrawal of recent months needs to be replaced by confidence in the future. Franklin Roosevelt said  that 'the only thing we have to fear is fear itself'.

But what does this all mean for those of us in the executive search industry or those senior executives who are out of work? I believe it means that we need to have confidence in our own value and faith in what we can bring to a client company or to a future employer.

BlueSteps Quick Query: Attractive Market Segments in 2009
In a survey of 239 BlueSteps Senior Executives, when asked ‘Given the current economic climate, which market segment do you feel is best for long-term career success?’, the most popular choice was Healthcare, with 35% of executives selecting this market segment. This was followed by Natural Resources (12%) and Government (10%).

Survey conducted by BlueSteps.com, May 8 – June 19 2009