Career Expert Workshops
Career Expert Workshops
Start your journey towards achieving your executive career goals today.

Looking for Career Advice?

Join our powerful, practical and interactive online workshops, hosted by leading executive career experts.

BlueSteps career expert workshops are designed to inspire, motivate and educate executives, during an intensive 1-hour session which features live audience Q&A, interactive polls and more.

Receive step-by-step advice to help figure out your next steps and discover new strategies to drive your career to the next level. Whether you need help negotiating your compensation, creating a career plan, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, or understanding how to navigate the board recruitment process, BlueSteps career expert workshops have you covered.

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BlueSteps can provide all these services and many more, including custom career packages based on your unique career journey. Your career advisor is ready to support you in mastering any career goal or challenge. Join BlueSteps and submit your request form to learn how our advisors can help you.
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