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The 2013 Mid-Year Executive Search Industry Global Outlook Report, by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), shows that 88% of executive search consultants hold a neutral to positive outlook at mid-year 2013 for the rest of the year ahead. Only 12% of search consultants harbor a negative view for July-December 2013.
Complex and fast-paced changes have fundamentally altered the face of business during the past decade. Simultaneous shifts in the environmental, regulatory, sustainability, social and geopolitical dimensions have transformed management and placed exceptional demands on leaders.

If, as a consequence, human and leadership capital are an unprecedented source of competitive advantage for organizations, what could be the implications for the CHRO?

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) changed rapidly over the last few years. This has been due to numerous factors including the emergence of new digital marketing channels and the recent focus on data-driven results. The 2013 Future of the CMO Role Survey was conducted to learn more about the current conditions for global executives in the senior marketing function.

The BlueSteps database of more than 75,000 senior executives is exclusively available to over 350 top executive search firms worldwide to use when they are searching candidates for top executive positions. Executives can rest assured knowing their career information will be made visible to only quality retained search firms, not their bosses, not their colleagues, and most certainly not contingency recruiters who will blast their executive resume or CV all over the internet.

New survey finds that 38% of senior executives have a positive outlook on the global executive job market for the rest of 2013—up 12% from this time last year. 45% of global senior executives share a positive impression of the general business climate for the second half of 2013—up 10% over mid-year 2012.

Whether you are already a Chief Technology Officer, or aspiring to become one, it is important to understand how an executive job search works for a tech position and the forecasts for the future of these positions. What opportunities, threats and risks face the technology industry?
All businesses, no matter the size, industry or corporate model, have been affected by the constant, rapid changes of the digital world and its impact on business. As an aspiring CTO/CIO, or as an already established CTO/CIO, this constant change is particularly relevant. It is paramount that you are up-to date with the latest innovations and certainly looking beyond these to embrace your own innovative ideas to share.

The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) recently sat down with CDS, an AESC member retained executive search firm from Japan, to discuss executive search industry changes and the outlook for executive job search.

AESC: Firstly, we’d like to offer congratulations to CDS from everyone at the AESC as you celebrate your 15th birthday this year. Can you tell us what the company did to mark this milestone?

The global Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) and their BlueSteps.com service join forces with the European Commission, leading business schools, corporate women and professional organizations from around the world in support of gender diversity on corporate boards. The announcement has been made at dual press conferences in New York at the Forté Foundation and in Brussels at the European Commission with the European Business Schools/Women on Board initiative.

E-commerce has come a long way since the introduction of the virtual shopping cart. Ever-advancing technology and the rapidly growing number of mobile devices present an ongoing e-commerce opportunity in both the business-to-consumer and business-to-business spaces. In light of the continued proliferation of e-commerce, coupled with the rising customer demand for mobile shopping experiences and potentially game-changing intelligence from big data, many companies are refining how they structure their sales function. As a result, they are also reevaluating the leadership skills they need to maximize the channel and related developments as part of their overall go-to-market strategies.

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