The recession caught many senior executives off-guard, use this time to safe-guard against the future!

The BlueSteps Edge: Manufacturing, Keith Syberg
Exclusive interviews with top executive recruiters and headhunters in key sectors--to bring you the latest executive career updates from the front lines.

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In this audio recording Andrew Sobel, a leading authority on the skills and strategies required to build enduring client relationships, outlines actionable points to improve your client relations. The seminar was recorded exclusively for AESC member search consultants, to help maximize the number of searches gained during an economic downturn. Andrew Sobel’s sound advice spans across industries and functions as he highlights many key downfalls of professional services.

Asian MBA (AMBA) 1st Annual Career Expo – Sept 2009

A sponsor receives an executive resume from an Asian MBA at the AMBA career expo
The exchange between the hiring companies and the MBA's was extremely positive

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As we gaze at the bleak yet hopeful employment landscape, there is a temptation to withdraw from the executive job market. Surely no one is hiring yet. Why spend the time, money, and emotional expense of looking for a new executive position when headhunters are handling less assignments and employers are not filling openings?


Despite Economic Recession, Executive Jobs In Several Sectors Expected To Grow In 2009

Global Senior Executive Positions in Healthcare, Government, Pharma/Biotech and Natural Resources to be on the Rise.

In a recent survey of senior executives, we sought to find out what experience is best for the CEO position, a CFO or a COO? Read the following 6 key elements a CEO must possess:

1. A Sales and Marketing background is essential for a CEO.

Harold Torninger, CEO at Sight Executive Group, stated, “In my experience the CEO position is best prepared from individuals who have a Product Marketing and Sales and Marketing track record. They have demonstrated a strong Customer focus and also an ability to handle the whole Supplychain.”

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