The United States has an explicit culture, where being modest or not “putting yourself out there” won’t bring you the success you’re looking for. This means that, unlike China, France and Japan, where implicit communications are the norm, in the US you need to not only be able to speak up and talk about your strengths, but show them as well. Only those who stand out from the crowd, have clear, known strengths, will succeed.

Conducting an Executive Job Search Online using LinkedIn and Social Networking

Communication online should be personal and two-way

Christian Pielow, from the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), discusses how senior executives can use social networks most effectively when in an active job search:

Is Twitter An Executive Pursuit? 4 Good Reasons Why!

Recently we published an article entitled 'Leveraging Twitter for Executive Career Management' and the following piece by Patti Wilson provides an excellent addition.

Twitter’s early publicity has left the impression of it being a trivialized, narcissistic pursuit by techno-glitterati and cultural creatives. Unfortunately, like any new Internet technology, the early adopters tend not to be mainstream business professionals.

Is Twitter Really Useful for Executives?
In 2008 social networks really took off. It was the year that Facebook exploded, reaching over 200 million unique visitors. Fast forward to 2010, and it is clear that although Facebook continues to grow, Twitter has stolen the limelight. In 2009 Twitter grew to a network of over 20 million users, and contrary to popular belief, the majority were in fact not teenagers.

Professional Accent Reduction for Senior Executives - How and Why?

"I have a very strong accent and often feel that this hinders me when communicating with colleagues and when making professional presentations. Are there any steps that I can take to reduce my accent?"

Senior Executive presentation

“Are You Optimistic for 2010?”

We asked our BlueSteps senior executive members to share their opinions on the economic outlook for 2010 and included their responses in our article titled 'Forget the Media Hype: Senior Executive Opinions on the 2010 Economic Outlook'. Please see below for a selection of the full responses, and if you would like to join the debate, please visit our Executive Search Network LinkedIn group.

Andy Harris, CEO

Latest Search Industry Outlook Shows Most Growth in Healthcare/Life Sciences and Energy/Natural Resources

Ninety-one per cent of executive search consultants hold a neutral to positive outlook for the executive search business in 2010, showing renewed confidence as the senior recruitment industry gains momentum following the downturn. The 2010 Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) Member Outlook Survey of December 2009 totaled 268 responses from AESC executive search consultants worldwide.

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