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September: Expert Career Transistion
This Month's Career Expert: Liz Rubin

Liz Rubin - Executive Search Expert
Elizabeth Rubin,
Career Advisor

Liz Rubin has 20 years of professional experience in the areas of
Andrew Sobel, a leading authority on the skills and strategies required to build enduring client relationships, outlines the strategies needed to engage with key senior decision makers. It is essential to establish a good relationship from the get go if you are to influence these people to invest in your services. The first meeting is crucial and Andrew explains what the goals of this first meeting should be.

First and foremost it is necessary to build TRUST. Andrew explains that while it is not necessarily possible to create this trust just from the first meeting, what is important is to give the feeling that you are a person with whom the decision maker could build a trusting relationship.

Getting the correct provisions into the contract depends upon how successful you are in your negotiations. This article sets forth several techniques that can be employed to obtain the best deal possible.

The BlueSteps Edge: Technology, Steve Watson

Exclusive interviews with top search professionals in key sectors--to bring you the latest career updates from the front lines.

Steve Watson, CEO

Peter Newfield, President of Career-Resumes.com, explains how to best present job change after a short tenure on your resume and during an interview.

Q. “Having recently started in a COO position, the company experienced an internal restructure and I moved into a VP position instead. Due to the uncertain future of the company I will be moving on after only 1 year. How do you suggest I explain this within my resume / CV and then at
The BlueSteps Edge: Financial Services

Exclusive interviews with top executive recruiters and headhunters in key sectors - to bring you the latest career updates from the front lines.

Betsey Wood, Director and Head of the New York office of Global Sage, shares her

LinkedIn: Putting Your Executive Foot Forward

Senior Executive using Social Networks to Manage his Career

As a follow-up from our last LinkedIn article, we want to focus on your LinkedIn Profile. Here are five tips to have a stronger Profile:
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