Afredo Assumpção, CEO of FESA Executive Search, has authored an essential white-paper discussing the need for more qualified executives in Brazil as the economy drives ahead – 6-7% GDP growth this year.

Effective Interview Techniques for Senior Executive Positions

Your efforts have finally paid off—you’re scheduled to meet with an executive recruiter or hiring manager to discuss a job that’s a good fit for your experience, expertise, and career interests. But don’t relax yet! You can increase your chances of earning a second interview and, ultimately, a job offer by spending some time preparing for that interview.

Executive job interviewers taking notes

Appearance at the largest HR conference in Latin America

Peter Felix, president of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), recently delivered an important speech at Conarh, the largest HR conference in Latin America (and the 3rd largest in the world). Conarh (Congresso Nacional sobre Gestão de Pessoas / National Congress on the Management of People), brings together keynote speakers, an audience of 2,400 professionals and a large exposition area featuring many leading organizations in the HR space.

What is executive search? Why do employers work with executive recruiters? How do executive recruiters and search firms locate candidates? Read on as BlueSteps offers an overview of the retained search process.

As senior executives progress in their careers, most will encounter a retained executive search firm. Understanding what executive search firms do and how they do it is essential to your own executive job search and career development.

Recently, the US Labour Department reported the loss of 225,000 jobs during June, however this was explained by the end of the temporary contracted US census staff. However, the latest figures delivered by the US labour department for July confirm a further 131,000 Job losses in July, with only 71,000 being created.

The BBC reported that many analysts are concerned that unemployment is undermining the US economic recovery. Related to the recent news that many organisations are reporting positive 2nd quarter figures yet continuing to stall hiring; the economy is recovering but job creation is not matching the pace of growth.

There are many articles published about the 'cost of a bad hire'. Whether they discuss interviewing and recruitment costs or the subsequent loss of productivity, it is clear there is a lot at stake for the company when hiring for an executive position. In fact, a study by Right Management reveled the cost of a single bad hire could be up to 5 times the salary.

Preventing a bad hire

Many companies are still not hiring despite many significant gains in the economic outlook for US markets. To use an example quoted by CNN, Intel announced a ‘better than ever’ quarter for Q2 2010. In fact, positive financial reports can even been found across the world, including the hardest hit global banks.

During the BlueSteps Connect event last year, a distinguished panel of leading search consultants provided an overview of how best to approach and build relationships with executive search firms, what these firms can offer you and how the search process works.

Panel members were:
  • Peter Felix, President of the AESC
  • Patrick Delhougne, Senior Client Partner, Korn/Ferry
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