The concept of a "video resume" has been around for several years, and of late, the term has gained increasing momentum, with job board sites like and CareerBuilder beginning to integrate video more extensively into their product offerings.

A "video resume" is a bit of a misnomer really, because you can't summarize your career history in a video. But there's a good argument to be made that the use of video as part of your executive career portfolio has some merit.

How best to use video?

    • Keep video relevant and brief. Employers won’t spend 5 minutes listening to the story of your career. You need to get them interested and engaged in you.
    • A SHORT (30 - 45 second) "elevator pitch" - a well written, rehearsed, naturally delivered summary of who you are, what you do, the value you bring to a potential employer - is what every executive job seeker should aim for. You want them to pick up the phone and engage with you.
    • In addition to your elevator pitch, consider linking from your career profile to a piece of video of a speech you gave at an industry conference or other event - this shows the employer what you have to say, how you present, etc.
    • Think about the type of executive job you are interested in, and treat a video segment as an opportunity to present yourself to the CEO and Hiring Manager of your dream company. Craft your pitch appropriately. If it is a very conservative role, make sure your pitch is appropriately formal, your dress business-like, your tone measured.
    • Keep it relevant. Put yourself in the employer’s shoes, and remember that your aim is engagement - you can't possibly convey everything about yourself on video, or in an online profile.  You just need to provide enough information to get relevant employers to call you.
    • Most importantly - don't just jump on the "video resume" bandwagon. If you are going to produce a video pitch or link to a speech or use video in any way, make sure it's done well. You are much better off with no video at all than with poorly recorded or poorly delivered video.

    If you're a business development or sales executive, or if you work in a role that requires you to make a lot of presentations, then you should seriously consider incorporating some type of video presentation into your career portfolio; your executive job prospects will almost certainly be enhanced.


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