Should CIO Jobs Include Digital Leadership Strategy?

Digital transformation has rapidly altered the responsibilities of executives in every function imaginable, from CMOs to CFOs, and of course CIOs. Information Age Magazine recently posted this article about how countless organizations are asking their CIOs to provide strategic guidance for ‘digital’ technology.
Since ‘digital’ technology is usually used to describe web-based technologies, social media and mobile, many argue that it should not be included in traditional IT roles, but rather the CMO role or in a new Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role. Should CIO Jobs focus more on the optimization of the way an organization communicates rather than strategizing actual ‘digital’ communications? Maybe both the CMO and CIO should share responsibility of ‘digital’ technology?
Wherever each organization stands on how the digital strategy should be implemented, most are in agreement that there should be a strategy in place. According to a survey by Gartner, more than 50% of CEOs have a digital strategy in place, but each strategy differs as to what should be included and which C-level role should take ownership of it.
The roles in Information Technology are changing rapidly; it’s highly important that executives seeking jobs in this function stay informed with the latest changes and trends. The CIO role at one company could now require a completely different  skill-set from a CIO job at another company.
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