Prepping for a Recession

How Are Boards Prepping for a Recession?

The shape of this recession is unclear, but many people believe it will take the form of inflation and supply chain disruption. These factors are primarily related to economic policy decisions made by countries around the world; however, they also depend on what type or industry you're in--depending on whether your business operates globally (like an international company) versus locally within its own country's economy(s).

Global experts from AESC member search firm Odgers Berndtson share a timely look at how Boards are preparing for a recession in different parts of the world. Get insights on what you as a leader need to know about the global economic outlook and what that means for business. Read more here.

The Autumn Surge

This time of year is a great opportunity to find employment, and it just got better. September through October is when hiring happens fastest--especially as managers return from vacation. The process will go smoother overall if you apply in these months or soon after they end because more interviews happen during this period which means less downtime while waiting on responses.

If you are looking for a job this autumn, then it’s the best time to get in touch with hiring managers and recruiters. The reason why is that there are now more interviews taking place and there is less downtime between them, which means that your chances of getting an interview go up exponentially. Read more here.

How to Manage Multi-Disciplinary Teams

The ability to lead is one of the most important traits for any successful executive. Without it, you will never be able to make your company succeed in challenging circumstances. A leader must always know how to react when faced with adversity; otherwise, there would just be chaos everywhere.

It takes courage but if done right- courageous cultures become prevalent within organizations where everyone feels empowered by their own uncertainty instead of having their fear rule. The CEO of AESC member search firm TRANSEARCH USA shares invaluable lessons for leaders managing multi-disciplinary teams. Find out how you can build trust and purpose by adopting a feedback mindset. Read more here.


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