Top 5 Traits Leaders Need for a Post-COVID Business Climate

The world is forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but as we emerge from it with newfound strength and resolve there's never been a better time for organizations to embrace change.

The world is facing unprecedented levels of change, but there are those who have already begun to adapt. These individuals know that if they want their business or industry's future success rate in this era then it will require innovation from them as well. But how do you become one?

In a recent survey of 1,000 C-level executives from around the world conducted by AESC and its members; they shined a light on how leaders are collectively thinking about critical business issues.

The world is changing at an accelerating rate, and as a result leaders must be able to change course quickly. Our survey findings highlight where organizations are most prepared for the future ahead of them; however there remains significant gaps in other areas that will need attention over this coming year if we hope they can compete effectively against each new challenge with their current capabilities

AESC President & CEO Karen Greenbaum shares insights on the top leadership attributes executives will need post-COVID. How many do you have? Which ones do you need to further develop? Our BlueSteps executive career coaches can help. Read more here.


Why Executives Need to Up Their Social Media Game

The complexity of social media platforms is skyrocketing. From the constant updates to new features, there are now multiple ways for you to post your content on one platform. But not only are the platforms adapting for relevance, but so do we. With continuous changes to the way the algorithm works, we need to be constantly aware of what the platform is pushing out and how our own audience is receiving our content.

The thing about social media that makes it so powerful and essential for business, though? It's not just marketing. Social Media can be used as an opportunity to connect with customers on deep levels - from posting customer testimonials or feedback forms across all channels of interaction to optimizing HR, competitor analysis, product development, and customer care.

By using social media in a holistic way, companies can gather near-instant insights into their industry and potential revenue streams. This is why it's important for business leaders to lead the charge when implementing these changes. When customers are looking for a relationship with the brands they engage with, it is important that businesses provide more than just products or services. This includes being transparent and responsive on social media platforms.

Executives need to be thinking about the potential real-time opportunities that are occurring on social, and how they can change or evolve their products in order for them not just to match what people want but exceed it.

Social media is an opportunity to provide interaction, relatability, transparency and responsiveness to your customers, and it needs to come from the top. Forbes offers tips for how you can maximize your social game. Plus, see our dos and don'ts for social media: https://www.bluesteps.com/blog/infographic-dos-and-donts-executives-social-media