Tips for Leading Remote & Hybrid Teams

In the wake of COVID-19, many companies are having to rethink what work will look like in a post-pandemic environment. The pandemic has created a fundamental shift in how we live and work. The virus left many of us at home, while others were sent abroad to find work; two years later things are still changing.

The post-pandemic environment is forcing company executives into new territory with completely reimagined workplace layouts that take advantage of the circumstances surrounding them: remote employees who can stay safe indoors during inclement weather or spend time caring for loved ones without worrying about getting contagious.

The pandemic has caused many companies to switch from traditional office spaces and work towards a remote or hybrid model. This is beneficial for both employees who want more flexibility in their lives, as well as employers looking at ways they can attract top talent while maintaining productivity levels by using new technologies like video conference apps that allow teams across different time zones to communicate without having any physical distance between them.

The benefits of remote and hybrid work are significant, but it's important to manage them correctly if you want your team members' productivity. The challenges associated with employees who telecommute include: lack supervision due-to proximity bias (supervisors only seeing those at their desk), social isolation because they're not around people constantly; distractions when home such as kids or other family members that need attention.

When working remotely or across different locations, it's important that managers address the challenges of supervision and interaction. In order to provide a smooth experience for employees who work at home than need this type assistance from their colleagues in person by being able to meet regularly via video chat software like Zoom or Skype; proximity bias can create issues where people may feel isolationist if they don't see each other often enough.

What the workplace looks like has fundamentally shifted. The way you lead it likely needs a shift, too. AESC member executive search firm Human Capital Solutions offers advice for leading in remote and hybrid environments. Learn how to avoid common leadership pitfalls in the new world of work.


Ready to Lead During a Recession?

Past recessions have shown that the economy is resilient, but it's important to be prepared for anything. The term “recessions” is a bit of an uncertain definition. It generally refers to falls in GDP that happen two times within the same economic cycle, but even this isn't always easy. The information from past analyses can help us understand how different sectors react in good times versus bad, which will let C-suite leaders plan accordingly by ensuring their organizations are well funded even as economic conditions worsen. However there still remains one area unaddressed: What steps should businesses take now so they don't find themselves set up poorly?

Leadership is more important than ever in times of economic turmoil. The last thing you want to do when the economy takes a turn for worse and people are losing their jobs, homes, or any other stability they had established over time; it’s imperative that leaders have plans ready so as not to cause any additional stress on top of what already exists - this includes being able to maintain an optimistic perspective even through tough times which has been proven again by recent events across America!

Leadership under pressure is about much more than just strong leadership skills. It's also an opportunity for you to show how well-rounded and dependable your team can be in times of uncertainty; when volatility reigns supreme, it takes nerves of steel not only from those who lead but all members too.

What can we learn from industries that typically do well during recessions? AESC member executive search firm Stanton Chase shares insights every executive can use, no matter what your industry, to help navigate through tough economic times.


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