Join the HR Top 100 (Infographic)

What does it take to become a successful Human Resources Executive? Did most of the top HR executives attain higher education beyond a Bachelor's Degree? How long did it take most of these executives to reach the senior level? How many companies did most senior-level executives work for before reaching the senior level?

To answer these questions, BlueSteps teamed up with Software Advice to create the below infographic based on research from the career and educational backgrounds of 100 human resources executives who currently hold one of the following positions: Vice President of HR, Senior Vice President of HR, Executive Vice President of HR or Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

HR Executive Top 100 Infographic

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This infographic was created by Julia Salem, of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), from two articles by Erin Osterhaus  , of Software Advice, an organization that provides reviews of software for HR professionals. To read both articles, visit: "Do You Have the Rigth Academic Background To Be a Senior HR Executive?" and "Want to BE an HR Executive? Establish a Track Record of Tenure."

Complimentary Webinar Recording - Advancing Your Career: Executive Search

This webinar covered:

- How to appropriately contact and stay in touch with executive search firms

- How to make yourself more visible to researchers and executive search consultants

- What executive search firms are looking for in a candidate

- Where the greatest demands and job opportunities are for executives in 2016

- And more...

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