The Impact on the C-Suite

How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting These 5 Key C-suite Positions

AI is changing the business landscape. AESC member search firm Odgers Berndtson shares how AI can have an immediate and future impact on 5 key C-suite positions.

AI will have an impact on 5 key positions in a company's C-suite. These include the c-suite which can use social media analytics tools and automation techniques effectively as they become more sophisticated over time. Manage overseas operations by using cloud computing systems that provide real-time updates across different geographies thus enabling them to make better decisions regarding investments or cuts based on current market conditions without wasting resources.

Artificial Intelligence is set to change the way we do business and its potential impact on the C-suite. Learn about how AI might soon be making an immediate appearance in your inbox or even more importantly - guiding decisions about future opportunities. Read more here.

Overcoming Fatigue in the C-suite

In the age of social media, public scrutiny is more intense than ever before. The responsibilities given to executive leaders have expanded far beyond their functional and technical competencies to meet expectations. This has made many top CEOs feel frustrated with themselves for not achieving perfection due to the spotlight in today's business world.

The World Economic Forum shares how post-pandemic leadership fatigue is putting extreme pressure on the C-suite and what you can do about it. Read more here.


The crisis in Ukraine has continued to worsen. The ongoing conflict has forced millions of people to flee their homes in Ukraine. The people there need your help now more than ever before.

Learn more about how you can make an impact here.


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