Executive Expat Roles Increase Career Growth and Opportunities

BlueSteps recently hosted an #ExecCareer Chat on the topic of executive expat job trends, featuring Deborah Sawyer, from Pearson Partners International, and Frank Therber, from Daubenspeck & Associates.

Some of the questions asked included:

  • Do you see the number of expat roles increasing or decreasing?
  • Do BRIC countries still have the greatest expat opportunities? Which countries are gaining traction?
  • For which types of roles are companies seeking expats?
  • What is the typical length of time expected for an executive level expat assignment?
  • What factors do I need to consider before working abroad?
  • Any tips for an executive expat relocating with his or her family?
  • Are there any training programs for executive planning to work abroad?
  • Does a CV for my home country differ from the CV I would use in the US or in other countries around the world?
  • What should executives expect in their expat compensation package?
  • Learning new languages doesn’t come naturally to me – any advice?
  • Do you have any advice for executives on the first few days of an expat role?

If you missed it, catch up on all the excellent advice that was given in the Storify transcript below.

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Complimentary Webinar Recording: Insider Secrets for Executive Expat Success

This webinar covered:
- How to establish if the move is financially worthwhile
- How to do your due diligence on the company
- What to look out for in your contract
- How the change could impact your long-term career progression
- How this change will affect your family and lifestyle

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