Expert Advice on Executive-Level Productivity

BlueSteps recently hosted an #ExecCareer Chat on the topic of executive-level productivity, featuring Andrew Kris, from Borderless, and Chris Swan, from TRANSEARCH.

Some of the questions asked included:

  • What are some distractions that executives need to avoid to stay productive? How do you recommend they navigate these?
  • How can executives ensure that their meetings stay productive and effective?
  • What recommendations do you have for executives who are overwhelmed with managing their email inbox?
  • How do you recommend executive leaders spend the first hour of their day?
  • How do you recommend successful leaders spend their downtime and weekends? Is it less productive to work 24/7?
  • What are your top tips for how executives can maintain a work/life balance
  • Do you feel it’s important for leaders to promote a healthy lifestyle in order to increase their team’s productivity?
  • What can board members and their board of directors do to be more productive?
  • What are some organization hacks you use that keep you productive?

If you missed it, catch up on all the excellent advice that was given in the Storify transcript below.

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Complimentary TweetChat Transcript: Becoming a Better Leader

Some of the questions asked included:

- What qualities and behaviors do you believe define a good leader?
- How does emotional intelligence and self-awareness fit into leadership development?
- Are leadership assessments still important to the executive hiring process?
- How can modern leaders make the workplace better and inspire their teams?
- How do I identify and prepare my successor?
- And more!

Read the Transcript Here

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