Executive Job Searches in North America

Realizing it’s time for you to start a new job search is the first step you’ve made to reach your goals. Whether you want to change companies or you’re ready to become an executive, it’s essential to learn how executive positions are filled and where to find these roles. 

What is the executive search industry?

When it comes to C-level and executive positions, executive search firms usually handle the headhunting process for the company because finding top talent for these positions is more difficult than it seems. Executive search firms are specialized recruitment services that find high-level candidates for senior, executive, or other specialized roles. These firms identify highly qualified candidates and selectively present them to their clients. Companies hire executive search firms instead of doing in-house recruitment for these roles because the consequences of a bad executive hire can be costly. Additionally, most corporate companies do not have the resources to find someone with the necessary skills and expertise. Forbes recently published a list of the top executive search firms and the top quality firms can be found as members of The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC).

Where to find executive job openings...

Despite many organizations posting job openings on their website or a job board, it can be harder to find C-suite and executive roles. Although a difficult task, finding an executive role through a specific company website is still feasible. This method of finding a senior position could be preferred when the job seeker has a particular company in mind. Furthermore, executive search firms, such as WittKieffer, post open positions from clients on their websites. When browsing on different websites and job boards, be sure to save the jobs you find appealing. 

What are recruiters looking for?

While having extensive experience that proves results and pinpointing the right job are major keys, candidates must stand out from their competition and possess multiple skills at a high level. Some traits that are commonly sought after by recruiters are analytical skills, exceptional communication skills, excellent time management, proficient computer skills, team building, highly self-motivated, and interpersonal skills. Although these are just a few, recruiters look for candidates that embody leadership characteristics and as demonstrated in their past positions. Showcasing top qualities is another attribute to successfully securing an executive or senior role in North America. 

A simple way to get seen by recruiters and find a senior-level job is through job boards specifically tailored for executive positions. Executive job board websites, like BlueSteps, not only help a candidate see recent openings but also helps users stay on top of their career progression. Candidates can keep track of their goals, access a global directory of need-to-know search firms, consult with expert career advisors, and more. Finding an executive job doesn’t have to be an ambiguous task. If the potential candidate wants it to happen and has the right mindset, all is attainable.


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