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Executive Coaching: Helping You Play at the Top of Your Game

Top achievers in all fields rely on coaches to help them achieve maximum levels of performance. As an executive, you can benefit from working with a coach during several critical phases of your career:

  • To find your next opportunity – a position that is a superb fit for your interests, expertise, knowledge, and experience
  • To perform well in your current role and position yourself for advancement in your company and/or in your career

The role of the coach is to help clients set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and improve performance. It is immensely satisfying for coaches to see their clients realize their potential and succeed in a competitive environment – whether that is on the athletic field or in the corporate arena.
executive_coaching_tipsAn executive coach can help you:
Crystallize and clarify your current and future career goals… so you know with certainty the precise kinds of opportunities that best match your talents and skills, your personal preferences, and current market opportunities. You know where you want to go in the short and long term. Clarity gives you confidence and direction in every aspect managing your career.
Operate effectively within a corporate environment… so you don’t get sidetracked by the pressure, politics, and personalities, but can achieve your important personal and business objectives.
Create and execute an action plan to achieve a specific goal… so your efforts are purposeful, productive, and strategic. Facing the daily demands of your job, you can lose momentum toward long-term goals. In a job search, it’s very easy to spend time in unproductive activities such as trolling job boards and constantly refining your resume. Your coach won’t let you get away with it!
Understand how job search really works… so you don’t pin all your faith on being found by an executive search consultant for your perfect opportunity. Your coach will guide you through a targeted job search search strategy with networking as its core component – because that’s how most people find their next opportunity.
Make the most of every contact … by preparing you with the right messages, documents, and strategies for every instance. If you’ve ever “muffed” a meeting or felt like you wasted a golden contact, you know how important it is to be prepared.
Strengthen your online image… to position yourself as an expert in your field. “Who you are” online is a critical factor in attracting interest from executive search consultants and managing your career long-term.
Be authentic and credible during interviews… so you convey the most compelling and appropriate information and clearly demonstrate your value. No matter how talented you are as a presenter, communicator, or salesperson, interviewing is different and requires preparation.
Negotiate the most favorable compensation… by preparing you with strategies, scripts, and insight into the negotiation process. What you negotiate today will affect your compensation for the rest of your career, so why not make the best deal for yourself?
Succeed quickly in a new position… so you make an immediate impact and rapidly prove your worth. Executive coaches specialize in maximizing your on-the-job performance and positioning you for your next upward step.
Our BlueSteps career advisors are experienced, talented, and accustomed to working with senior executives around the world. Why not contact them for a complimentary consultation? They’ll discuss your current circumstances and tell you how they can help you.
Before you know it, you’ll be performing at the top of your game, capturing new opportunities, and strategically managing your career for the long term.

Complimentary Webinar Recording - Advancing Your Career: Executive Search

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- How to appropriately contact and stay in touch with executive search firms

- How to make yourself more visible to researchers and executive search consultants

- What executive search firms are looking for in a candidate

- Where the greatest demands and job opportunities are for executives in 2016

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Louise Garver, certified executive resume writer, branding and job search strategist/coach with BlueSteps Executive Career Services, has guided executives across industries and disciplines to land their ideal position in less time while maximizing their compensation. She would be happy to share this vital information with you! Energize your search and learn how to navigate easily the complex job market with her step-by-step job search system.

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