BRIC Countries with the Best Expat Opportunities – Brazil and China

BRIC Countries with the Best Expatriate JobsIn a recent LinkedIn poll, conducted in the AESC/BlueSteps Executive Search Network group, we asked “Which BRIC country currently has the best expatriate opportunities?” Brazil and China were the clear winners of the poll, receiving over half of the total votes (Brazil 46%, China 33%, Russia 10% and India 10%). After reading the discussion comments and conducting some additional research, we found that the general executive opinion supports these results. Some of the pros and cons of working in both countries are discussed below.
Brazil’s Environment for Expatriates
With the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games approaching it is no surprise that Brazil has soon become ‘the one to watch.’  The increasing numbers of engineering, construction and technology roles have made Brazil an ideal expat destination, attracting a significant number of foreigners over the last few years. This includes expat executives who are looking to connect with hiring managers and executive recruiters.
Although executives are able to earn good salaries, The Rio Times recently reported the cost of living in Brazil is increasing along with the job demand.  Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the two cities most popular with expats are amongst the top fifteen most expensive in the world.
As the cost of inflation rises above the growth of the economy food, consumer goods and transportation are proving to be the most talked about areas of discussion. 
China’s Environment for Expatriates
According to one poll respondent who currently works in China, Makrand Mithal, “China is highly conducive to expats with respect to safety, friendliness, acceptance in the work environment, medical facilities, availability of all kinds of foods, reasonable expense, etc. Language can be one barrier. The weather can be extreme in some places. One must have a comprehensive medical insurance tool. Children’s education is a tad too expensive.”
One increasing concern for expatriates in China is regulatory taxes, which have been imposed by China’s government. Equally, many feel that this is consolidating the tensions between local executives and expatriate executives which may already exist.
Have you worked as an expatriate in a BRIC country? Tell us about your experience.


This article was written by Dineo Moema and Julia Salem from the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

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