BlueSteps Releases Its New Global Guide to Personal Branding for Executives

BlueSteps.com, the executive career management service by the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC) is excited to share their latest guide, The Global Guide to Personal Branding for Executives. This guide is a comprehensive resource for executive-level professionals on how to craft a compelling personal brand that they can use to optimize their career documents, become a thought leader in their industry and increase their visibility to recruiters. 

“In today’s interconnected world, everyone has a personal brand whether they know it or not. At BlueSteps, we believe it is important for all executives to own their image and develop it as a tool they can use to grow professionally” says Kathy Simmons, Executive Director of BlueSteps Executive Career Services. “For the guide, we compiled advice from members of our Executive Career Services team around the globe. Our hope is that BlueSteps members will use the advice to better determine who they are as an executive and incorporate their personal brand in all they do.”

The 35+ page Guide includes articles, guided exercises and information to take executives through the whole process of developing their brand, from distilling values into a personal mission statement to fostering their image with advanced networking. And by using The Global Guide to Personal Branding for Executive in tangent with BlueSteps other executive career resources- such as webinars, career services and MyGoals career management tool- BlueSteps members can effectively track their goals, manage their careers, and connect with the right recruiters throughout their whole careers.


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As a member of BlueSteps, your career details will be confidentially provided to hundreds of the world’s leading retained executive search firms, all vetted members of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants in over 75 countries.  Benefits include:

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