9 Ways Your BlueSteps Membership Can Improve Your Career Management Strategy

To maximize the ROI on your BlueSteps lifetime membership, follow these ten quick steps to take advantage of the suite of tools and services BlueSteps has to offer. Remember, the more proactive you are in searching for your perfect position and working toward obtaining it, the higher your chances of success will be.

1. Take advantage of your exclusive access to the Association of Executive Search Consultants’ (AESC) directory of search consultants and top executive search firms. The AESC’s database has over 8,000 retained executive search professionals in more than 75 countries. Login to use our AESC Member Firm Directory to find search consultants who specialize in your industry, career function and location. You can also login to read our tips on how to contact them and create a relationship that could increase the number of opportunities presented to you.

2. If you have not done so already, login to apply for a free resume review and career consultation. Our expert executive resume writers and knowledgeable executive career consultants will speak to you about ways to improve your executive resume and your executive job search strategy. They will also discuss opportunities from BlueSteps Executive Career Services (BECS), which can provide full resume rewrites, career coaching, interview coaching, LinkedIn profile rewrites, social media/online identity plans and more.

3. Login to update your BlueSteps profile with your most recent executive resume, personal information, career history, target job and other supplementary career information. The more career information you provide, the greater your chances of appearing in an executive recruiter’s candidate search on BlueSteps.

4. Login to browse through some of the executive opportunities listed by AESC member executive search firms. AESC executive search firms recruit for more than 90,000 senior management positions a year. Not all active searches are publicized due to the highly confidential nature of some of them, but the BlueSteps opportunities directory is an invaluable way to keep in touch with how the market is developing in your sector and provides a direct opportunity to proactively express your interest to the firm conducting an executive search that matches your career interests. Learn more about the executive jobs listed on BlueSteps.

5. Improve your career management strategy by scrolling through our extensive career library (login to access) to read informative white papers and articles on subjects ranging from preparing for your next executive interview, advice from search consultants, improving your executive resume/CV, executive compensation and more.

6. Sign up for one of our online courses or executive seminars conducted by one of our very experienced and talented career coaches and learn how to maximize your job placement potential. Visit the BlueSteps homepage each month to find out about our latest executive seminars. Recent executive seminars have covered a wide range of topics including top tactics for gaining a board seat, executive search and your career and how to get to the top of your career in various senior-level executive job functions (CMO jobs, CFO jobs and CIO/CTO jobs).

7. Read our helpful tips on how to manage your online executive brand and extend your professional network through LinkedIn and other online career management tools. Then join the exclusive BlueSteps Senior Executives LinkedIn Group and connect with professionals across the world.

8. Login to check out Ask The Expert, a great Q&A session with professional career consultants, which answers some of those trickier questions, some of which may never have crossed your mind!

9. Stay connected with us throughout your career on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest to keep updated with the BlueSteps team, receive additional career management advice and news as well as learn about upcoming special events. You can also join the BlueSteps and the AESC’s Executive Search Network LinkedIn group to join conversations about executive job search and the executive search industry. 

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Use MyGoals to Set Career Goals and Track Their Progress

Setting goals allows you to proactively work towards success in your career plan. BlueSteps is our latest tool for you with several different goal options and a variety small steps to help take you down the road to success. Once you've chosen your desired goal, you can login regularly to take new, obtainable tasks to achieve it.


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As a member of BlueSteps, your career details will be confidentially provided to hundreds of the world’s leading retained executive search firms, all vetted members of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants in over 75 countries.  Benefits include:

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  • Helpful podcasts and exclusive articles on a wide range of executive career-level topics

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