Now available on your BlueSteps profile and dashboard, members can now verify their highest degree, any licenses they hold and conduct a personalized social media audit through Mintz Group’s services.

NEW YORK – June 28, 2022 – BlueSteps, a global company supporting executives in career planning, networking, and job search, today launched an exclusive suite of user-friendly background verification and audit services that are typically used during the executive search process, now available directly for the first time to executives through their BlueSteps membership.

Part of the executive search process includes verification of a candidate's post-secondary education, which is used by search firms to validate candidates. Through the BlueSteps partnership with Mintz Group, executives can conduct their degree verification in advance and become preferred candidates for our AESC member search firms. In addition to degree verification, the same process is available for license verification and social media audits as well.

Have you ever been curious about how your online persona has impacted your potential career opportunities? How often have you heard of false information being presented on a resume that results in a candidate’s removal from being considered for an opportunity? In this day and age, cancel culture is alive and well and the resurfacing of old social media posts can result in impacting a prominent executive’s role or reputation.

BlueSteps and Mintz Group solve these problems by enabling candidates to perform these verifications and audits before they decide to work with an executive search firm or if they’re curious about what their online persona says about them. BlueSteps makes it easy and accessible for candidates to obtain this information and insights about themselves not found anywhere else. Through BlueSteps, you can purchase any one of these verifications and/or audits a la carte. Within a few days, you will receive a report back from Mintz Group with the findings of your verifications that will outline any inconsistencies and/or red flags. Once verified, members will be identified in our database as preferred candidates.

“This groundbreaking suite of services is now offered direct to consumers to help them obtain information about their personal brand that could impact them during an executive search. We are proud to be providing these services through a trusted partner that is often used by AESC member search firms to conduct background checks on candidates,” Commented by Kulsoom Gul, BlueSteps Managing Director.

Through a member’s BlueSteps profile, they can purchase a verification or audit where they will be redirected to Mintz Group’s website and prompted to fill out information including degree, school, social media handles, etc. From there, Mintz will take their information and conduct the relevant investigation to verify their degree, verify their license or review their social media within 2-3 business days. Once ready, members will be able to download their report directly from their BlueSteps profile for their own reference. They will also have the option of making those reports visible on their profile to recruiters in the BlueSteps platform. By having a degree and license verification completed, executives will become more visible in the BlueSteps database as preferred candidates.

To access these services in partnership with Mintz Group, go to your BlueSteps profile ( to get started today.


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