8 Virtual Background for Every Video Call Occasion

Whether you want some privacy or just want to spice up your next meeting, here are some backgrounds that work great on any video conference platform! All of these can be used for your next interview to your virtual office happy hour.

1. A Modern & Simple Home Office

A modern and simple home office


2.  Rustic Library

A rustic library


3. Office in the Forest

Office in a Forest


4. For someone who wishes Michael Scott was their boss

The background is a picture of the area where they would have their one on one interviews with the workers from the show "The Office"


5. A Home in Suburbia

A home office with large windows looking into their backyard.


6. A Rural Office Lookout 

A Rural office lookout


7.Clean & Simple Living Room

A clean and simple living room with a plant next to a sofa.


8. Large Conference Room

A large conference room that says "Do Good Things" on the wall.


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