Are You a Growth Leader? 7 Leadership Lessons

Radhakrishnan B Menon, MD of LBW Consulting Pvt. Ltd, recently published an article discussing a ‘revolution’ being led by ‘Growth Leaders’ (GL’s). Although the concept of leaders driven by growth is not new, Menon outlines many traits and attitudes towards we leaderhsip we should all inspire to obtain. Do you adhere to the following 7 points?
  • Set ambitious growth targets – instead of following market trends and being influenced by external factors, growth leaders attempt to shape the market around them.
  • People-focused – Growth leaders seek commitment to growth targets from all employees and ensure the leadership team assume joint responsibility for reaching goals. As Menon states, they make employees ‘fall in love with growth’ and communicate goals to colleagues with growth inspired terminology – GL’s ‘speak the language of growth’.
  • Market analysis is paramount – Growth leaders are not only inspirational figures. GL’s have a strong financial focus, grounding their forecasts and projections with deep market analysis and customer insights.
  • Entrepreneurial problem solvers - Growth leaders come from an entrepreneurial background, believing that there is a creative solution to any problem. In fact, problems are just challenges.
  • Service first, sales second – Growth leaders believe in the power of service to generate sales and growth – serving your customers well will lead to referrals, repeat business and new partnership opportunities.
  • Celebrate milestones and have fun! – Office culture and approach to employees must match the excellent customer service, and most of all, employees must enjoy working towards the ambitious goals.
  • Action orientated ‘think and do’ – management goes hand-in-hand with leadership. The belief that leaders must delegate operations to others and only serve as an inspirational leader is alien to these hands on, fast-working dynamos.
What other traits are essential for leaders in charge of driving strong growth targets? Discuss in our Executive Search LinkedIn group.

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