2013 Focus on the Healthcare Sector in the US

The AESC and BlueSteps recently released a whitepaper on the 2013 Healthcare sector in the United States amid new reforms and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The paper presents one-on-one interviews and commentary from leading AESC retained executive search consultants who specialize in placing executives in the Healthcare sector in the United States.

Below you will find an interview excerpt and a link to download the complete whitepaper.
Doug SmithExpert Q&A with Doug Smith of AESC member executive search firm, B.E. Smith

BlueSteps: Could you tell us about the search firm you come from and the work you do there?

Doug Smith: B. E. Smith is a full-service Healthcare leadership solutions firm and the top-ranked provider of leadership services including Interim Leadership, Permanent Executive Search and Consulting Solutions. For over 35 years, B. E. Smith has delivered immediate results in the complex Healthcare environment. Our proven methodology has recently matched more than 600 pressure proven leaders with organizations worldwide.

BlueSteps: In our recent 2013 BlueSteps Executive Outlook Report, only 36% of executives reported a positive outlook for the executive job market and only 42% reported a positive attitude about the business climate in general. How would you describe your outlook for the global Healthcare industry specifically for 2013?

Doug Smith: We see a positive outlook for the Healthcare industry, but it will be an industry which will undergo some drastic changes and require current and future Healthcare leaders to adapt and evolve. This new era of Healthcare will bring with it greater demand for experienced senior Healthcare professionals, offering new opportunities and challenges. Healthcare organizations will lean on these executives for leadership and guidance as the industry transitions from volume to value-based care. This restructuring of the model of care will require Healthcare leaders to build new competencies and have a greater understanding of financial and clinical operations of their organization. Organizations that combine innovative approaches, industry trends and best practices will stay competitive and attract top Healthcare talent.

As the industry adapts to the new model of care, and as today’s veteran Healthcare leaders retire, organizations nationwide will seek the next generation of Healthcare professionals. Executives with experience in information technology, nursing and finance, as well as CEOs, will be highly sought after as organizations seek professionals who can lead them through the industry’s unknown future.

“Executives with experience in information technology, nursing and finance, as well as CEOs, will be highly sought after as organizations seek professionals who can lead them through the industry’s unknown future.”

BlueSteps: What trends are you witnessing in the Healthcare industry as it relates to executive search? What searches are being conducted and what skills must candidates bring to the table to be considered for these opportunities?

Doug Smith: The Healthcare industry is clearly moving toward a future where the margins for error and inefficiency are increasingly thin, and where the importance of finding, nurturing and retaining experienced executives who can create cultures of high-performance, innovation and flexibility is greater than ever. Increased uncertainty, rapid acceleration of change, a shift from long to short-term planning, and the necessity of a high-performing and generationally diverse workforce, are all trends which will be key factors in 2013. To successfully lead an organization and advance their career, Healthcare professionals must adopt smarter work patterns across the continuum with an ability to manage the drivers of costs and quality.

Additionally, the roles and responsibilities of executive leaders are evolving. Strategy, intensity, integrity, integration and communication are just a few of the competencies Healthcare professionals must develop and build to be successful. Executives who excel at instilling the skills and professional standards required to create a culture of efficiency, productivity and accountability will be in high demand in 2013.

BlueSteps: Are there opportunities in the Healthcare industry for executives who have no previous experience in that sector? If so, who is a likely candidate to make a successful career transition into Healthcare?

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About the author

This article was written by Joe Chappell, Managing Director, Global Marketing at the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).

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