Indian Executives Highly Mobile Yet Looking Abroad for Jobs

BlueSteps 2011 Executive Mobility Report shows that 73% of employed senior executives around the world are actively seeking new job opportunities this year. In India, that number climbs to 79% making them some of the most mobile executives in the world.

Indian executives are also looking to progress faster than elsewhere. On a global scale, 65% of executives plan to stay at their current level for the next three to five years, whereas 66% of Indian executives are expecting to progress after only 1 to 2 years.

Competition for executive level jobs is high in India, with 43% of Indian executives reporting an increase in competition for with expats, compared to just 15% of respondents globally. The drive for career progression goes beyond geographical restrictions in India with 87% of executives willing to relocate overseas for executive opportunities, ahead of the global response of just 63% willing to relocate.

Peter Felix, President of the Association of Executive Search Consultants and BlueSteps, commented "Senior executives around the world are eager and ready to make career moves after waiting out the recession and the unstable economy of the last few years. Trends in Emerging Markets such as India are slightly different than other parts of the world. With the growth of multi-nationals in these regions, executives have more opportunity than ever, and can therefore progress their careers faster."

Executives in India report having more opportunities than they had 5 years ago (46%) whilst only 37% of global respondents felt the same.

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About the Survey

This survey of senior executive members of BlueSteps was conducted from March 1st  - April 1st 2011, and received 1,348 responses, including 48% from the Americas, 32% from EMEA and 20% from Asia Pacific.

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