More Companies Offering Work-Life Balance Programs - Executives Beginning To Reap The Benefits In 2008.
40% Of Executives Surveyed Report Work-Life Balance Has Improved, Up 5% From 2006


A survey of 1,134 senior executive BlueSteps Members in 2008 revealed a significant increase in the number of employers offering work-life balance programs – from 8% in 2006 to 25% in 2008. Perhaps as a result, the number of senior executives who feel their work-life balance has improved in the last five years has also risen – from 35% of respondents in 2006 to 40% today.

In addition, fewer respondents of the survey reported increased working hours in the last five years – from 59% in 2006 to 54% in 2008 - and fewer executives have been working longer hours due to a heavier workload – from 46% of respondents in 2006 to 39% today.

Key findings of the recent survey compared to the same poll conducted in 2006 revealed:


  • 40% of senior executives said their work-life balance has improved in the last five years, compared to 35% in 2006
  • 54% stated that their work hours have increased in the last 5 years, down from 59% in 2006
  • 60% indicated that the 24/7 lifestyle brought about by globalization and technology has caused them to have less leisure time, with little change from 2006 (59%)
  • In 2008, 39% reported that they worked longer hours due to a heavier workload, down from 46% in 2006
  • 66% would not consider working fewer hours if it meant a proportionate decrease in earnings, rising from 62% in 2006
  • 25% said their firm has a program to improve work-life balance, compared to only 8% in 2006


“In the last two years, employers seem to have better grasped the delicate act of helping their employees to balance personal life and work,” noted Peter Felix, President of the AESC. “This issue has become a genuine concern among senior executives and therefore needs to be addressed within corporate culture. The latest survey results suggest that the work-life gap is narrowing as companies begin to see the benefits of a healthy work-life balance.”

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