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Dasein Executive Search is a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC). Executive recruiters at Dasein Executive Search have access to the BlueSteps database of senior executives.

Success stories come true with synergy, when values and expectations between people and companies come together. At Dasein Executive Search, consultants help build those success stories by deeply understanding the client company, each executive, the market, and key business trends (www.dasein.com.br/en). The name “Dasein” originated from German as a concept by the philosopher Martin Heidegger that “you are the agent of transformation in your own history.” Hence, Dasein presents efficient and quality searches seeking people that command their own histories and influence their surroundings.

Founded in 1996, Dasein has always worked according to its values of perseverance, responsibility, loyalty, and discipline. Dasein consultants work in a two phase methodology to present executive candidates with attributes of leadership and success. Its assessment center includes diagnosis of competences, behaviors and potential and a methodology for profile mapping to analyze the current and future potential of candidates. Its D-Competencies System is a management system of results of evaluation processes provided exclusively to clients. The Development Feedback elaborates on the result to guarantee a perfect fit. Dasein is truly a firm that develops a humanistic perspective to reward clients with their investment.


Contact Information:  
São Paulo - SP
Av. Paulista, 1.079 - 8° andar - Jardins
CEP: 01311-200 - Brasil
Belo Horizonte - MG
Av. Raja Gabaglia, 3.117 - Cj. 116 - São Bento
CEP: 30350-540 - Brasil



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